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Polytag uniquely combines a series of proven technologies to provide a solution for tag and tracing for recycling applications and beyond.

Our current focus is to enable legislators and brands to move into the circular economy by implementing Digital Deposit Return Schemes.

What is a Deposit Return Scheme (DRS)

  • A DRS will see a deposit added to the price of in-scope drinks containers at the point of purchase, which would be redeemed when consumers return their empty drinks containers.
  • If introduced, we anticipate that a DRS will help reduce the amount of littering, boost recycling levels for relevant material, offer the enhanced possibility to collect high-quality materials.
  • Most European countries are intending to introduce DRS by 2024. Polytag can enable a digital implementation of DRS.
Polytag circular packaging economy

How does Polytag tackle Digital DRS?

  • Polytag is an enabling technology platform that allows brand owners to print unique codes to each unit of a product.
  • With the use of a consumer facing app, customers can scan the code and claim their deposit.
  • The system is completed during the normal kerbside collection or on Polytag-enabled return points.
  • The system implements a DRS without the drawbacks of extensive Reverse Vending Machine deployment.
How we’re piloting our technology – The Conwy pilot


Working with cutting edge organisations, Polytag can facilitate solutions to print on:

  • Any of the common substrates: plastic, glass, cans, labels…
  • On the visible spectrum to enable engagement with consumers.
  • On the UV spectrum to facilitate machine vision readability.

Mobile technology

  • Digital wallet to recover packaging deposits as part of a Deposit Return scheme.
  • Designed with accessibility in mind.
  • Optimised UX for simplicity of use.

Material / Plastic Recovery facilities

Polytag has extensively researched how to segregate waste streams granularly at Material and Plastic Recovery Facilities.

  • Using Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence.
  • Triple lock technology:
    • Classifying bottles by shape and colour.
    • With Brand Assigned Identifiers.
    • With unique, intelligent, markers.