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Greasby Trial – Let’s Get Started

Thank you for agreeing to participate in the Polytag Greasby trial.

Hopefully by now our representative has personally explained the purpose of the trial to you, but this page should give more information about how it works and why we’re doing it.

Why Polytag?

You’ve probably heard a lot about the problem of plastics in the press over the last 18 months, with images of plastic packaging in our seas and oceans, causing damage to animals and our environment.

With this in mind, we understand that you want more accountability about what happens to your waste after diligently sorting and recycling it at home – and we do too! However, the current linear system of kerbside recycling doesn’t let products get returned to their manufacturers. Instead, different councils and authorities have different ways of recycling plastics e.g. downcycling, reusing for fuel or exporting to other nations.

Polytag® aims to revolutionise recycling by creating a circular economy. Our objective is to develop a technology which allows branded plastics and aluminium products to be sent directly back to the manufacturer in a form they can use again, creating a continuous loop. This helps them to increasing recycling rates, reducing carbon emissions and makes sure your recycling is kept out of our natural environment.

By all working together we can change how our recycling is managed, and best of all, Polytag® enables brands to reward you for doing this, using our Circular Rewards™ platform.

Getting started

You should have:
1. A Polytag® bag
2. Two standard personal care products, one plastic and one aluminium
3. A compatible phone*

How To

Use the personal care items as usual over the next 40 days. Once they’re empty, open the Polytag app on the phone supplied and scan the Polytag® PAC code.

The app should indicate that these products have been submitted to the Polytag® platform.

Then, simply place the all home care and personal plastic and aluminium packaging within your Polytag® bag in readiness for collection. Collections are scheduled every Tuesday during the trial period – just leave the bag of recycling on your doorstep.

We will also leave another Polytag® bag for you to fill. Your Polytag® app will send you reminders about the collection date the day before.
Once they have been returned to our Deeside facility, our CircualAI™ technology will recognise your PAC code and inform you via your Polytag® app that the products have been set aside for brand recycling.

Other plastic and aluminium items

We ask that you also place any empty additional personal and homecare products within the Polytag® bag, such as shampoos, hair conditioners, shower gels and creams, deodorants, laundry products, kitchen and bathroom cleaners, bleach etc to be recycled. We will accept any brands during this trial period.

Circular Rewards™

The Circular Rewards™ settings are still in development, so for this trial we have pledged £500 to go to Greasby Infant School on behalf of participating households.

Your Feedback

At the end of the trial we will ask you to fill in a simple questionnaire, helping us understand your views on how, as a new technology, we can make Polytag® easier to understand or simpler to use.


We’ll take your feedback and the results of the trial to assess the functionality of Polytag®’s recycling technology, and make any improvements if necessary.


Abbie Wallace is your area coordinator and your point of contact for any queries you have during the trial period. Abbie lives in Greasby with her husband Chris and three children, and you can email her on or call 07769 615491.

Through engagement and working together, we can make a difference. And remember: Greasby will be the first place in the world to embrace this technology!

Thank you,

Phil Sutton, Managing Director – Polytag Limited