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Enabling the packaging circular economy

Polytag’s unique technology will help the UK to achieve Net Zero by 2050 and meet some of the objectives of the UK Plastics Pact and UN sustainable development goals. By developing innovative RecTech (recycling technology) solutions, we will ensure all plastic packaging is recycled and stays in the circular economy.

Describe, tag and trace technology

Describe, Tag and Trace are the three main capabilities of the Polytag platform that drive us to develop software and service solutions that enables the packaging circular economy.

Describe: This is the process of assembling data and content that ‘describe’ a piece of packaging. This description of the packaging will be stored in the Polytag platform.

Tag: Each piece of packaging will be given a ‘tag’ to enable a link between the physical pack and a set of digital data and content. This can be in any format – QR code, 2d Data Matrix or RFID tag – depending on the use case.

Trace: Our technology enables stakeholders across the packaging circular economy to gain more visibility over packaging materials and interact with the tag for rich data and content. This will allow them to share new stories with their customers about the origin of their packaging, as well as understanding exactly how packaging is transitioning through the circular economy.

Polytag will revolutionise the packaging sector

The benefits of Polytag technology are far reaching. Initially we are focused on supporting brands to tell consumers more about the product and the packaging with our ‘Bring Your Barcode To Life’ solution.

Looking ahead the implementation of a successful deposit return scheme (DRS) in the UK presents an opportunity to use our describe, tag and trace solutions. However, with the government’s consultation on Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) due in 2022 and the Plastics Packaging Tax already in force as of April 2022, we are working with brands, recyclers and the government to demonstrate how Polytag technology can become an invaluable set of features over the coming years.