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Our vision for a circular packaging economy

Polytag is one of the forerunners of a new kind of disruptive business operating in the RecTech arena. Polytag enables a truly circular packaging economy by working with all stakeholders, including Government, packaging producers, brands and recyclers to successfully plan for and implement solutions that can deliver

  • Dynamic D2C marketing tools
  • Rich data to audit plastics tax
  • Nationwide Deposit Return Scheme (DRS) capabilities
  • Robust Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) programmes
  • Support for businesses on Environmental Social and Governance (ESG) regulation
How Polytag technology works

Introducing Polytag

Polytag can describe, tag and trace all packaging products through the circular economy thanks to

  • Easy data sharing platform
  • Unique packaging identification marking
  • Full-circle supply chain visibility

All powered by Polytag patent-pending technology, built to meet GS1 standards

Polytag’s technology can be applied in a number of different ways

Digital Deposit Return Schemes

Our technology will enable a kerbside, Digital Deposit Return Scheme (DDRS) – a credible alternative to traditional reverse vending machine systems.

Extended Producer Responsibility

Find out how we can help you prepare for the forthcoming Extended Producer Responsibility legislation which was announced in the spring of 2022.

Plastic Packaging

Learn about how we can help improve management of the Plastic Packaging Tax that was introduced in the UK in April 2022.

One day the circular economy will work so well, nothing will be sent to landfill

Every producer of packaging products will know where their packaging is in the circular economy and be able to get it back

Every producer of packaging products will be able to conveniently recycle their waste and be incentivised for doing so

Every recycling centre will easily identify and sort packaging to ensure quality feedstock is maintained and value to the processor is optimised

Here is the proof

View our latest pilot

Our partners

We partner with ambitious businesses that are passionate about sustainability and have the drive to lead by example.

Our latest news and views

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