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What is Polytag?

Polytag is a patent-pending Tag and Trace technology that allows brands to assign unique individual codes to each unit of a product.

With our supporting IT platform, these codes can be read at any point of the lifecycle of the product, enabling the implementation of a digital DRS amongst many other benefits (e.g. limiting EPR liability, loyalty schemes, calculation of Plastic Packaging Tax, Supply Chain traceability).

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What is a Deposit Return Scheme (DRS)

  • A DRS will see a deposit added to the price of in-scope drinks containers at the point of purchase, which would be redeemed when consumers return their empty drinks containers.
  • If introduced, we anticipate that a DRS will help reduce the amount of littering, boost recycling levels for relevant material, offer the enhanced possibility to collect high-quality materials.
  • Most European countries are intending to introduce DRS by 2024. Polytag can enable a digital implementation of DRS.
Polytag circular packaging economy

How does Polytag tackle Digital DRS?

  • Polytag is an enabling technology platform that allows brand owners to print unique codes to each unit of a product.
  • With the use of a consumer facing app, customers can scan the code and claim their deposit.
  • The system is completed during the normal kerbside collection or on Polytag-enabled return points.
  • The system implements a DRS without the drawbacks of extensive Reverse Vending Machine deployment.
How we’re piloting our technology – The Conwy pilot

Why Polytag?

Polytag allows the introduction of an in-home Digital DRS without relying on extensive deployment of Reverse Vending Machines (RVMs).

Easy deposit recovery

Polytag allows recovering deposits from the comfort of the home straight into a digital wallet.


Lower deployment costs

Polytag can save governments over 70% of the costs of deploying and running Reverse Vending Machines.


No lost retail space

Retailers don’t need to install bulky, expensive, and hard-to-service and maintain Reverse Vending Machines.


The system is inclusive

With the Polytag system, the vulnerable population is not excluded.

The Conwy Pilot

On the back of the success of Greasby Trial, we were approached by the Welsh Government to be the technology provider for their digital in-home DRS pilot. It will be run in May ’21 in partnership with Conwy County Borough Council, Wrap, Ecosurety, the Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre.

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The Greasby Trial

Run in partnership with Ecosurety in Q4 2019. 50 households – 91% return rate. With this trial we achieved our objectives of:

  • To test Polytag’s platform through a consumer-facing app in a home environment.
  • Test the concept of a digital DRS system.
  • Collect qualitative and quantitative data on household recycling patterns and behaviours to assess the technology’s potential.

Our Partners

Polytag is working with world-leading research institutes, compliance agencies, local and national governments to give legislators options to implement more effective recycling policies.