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Enabling the Packaging Circular Economy.
Polytag is an enabling technology which facilitates governments and brand owners move into the Circular Economy through greater engagement with consumers, regulators and recyclers. Our technology will enable in-home Deposit Return Schemes and assign fair costs for Extended Producer Responsibility programmes whilst collecting rich datasets.
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How does it work?

Polytag is a patent pending Tag and Trace technology.
We allow brands to print intelligent markers to each unit of a product.
With our supporting IT platform, these intelligent markers can be read at any point of the lifecycle of the product, enabling organisations to track products, reward consumers, accurately calculate Extended Producer Responsibility and implement an in-home Deposit Return Scheme that enhances the current kerbside collection systems.

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What’s in it for Brands & Retailers?

Consumers are placing more pressure on brands to account for the full lifecycle of their packaging. Polytag enables brands to communicate with their customers about the lifecycle of a product. It recognises the consumer’s role in the recycling system and empowers brands to incentivise their customers to recycle.

By isolating packaging feedstocks at an early stage, the Polytag technology eliminates the need for so many energy intensive reprocessing stages. This approach improves the efficiency of the existing recycling system by reducing CO2 emissions as well as moving it towards a more circular system where brands work with consumers to keep materials away from landfill and in circulation for longer.

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